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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Who are we?

We drove team for over eight years, both refrigerated and dry van, with seven years as owner/operators booking all our own loads. We understand how to be profitable in a truck, we understand and have dealt with good and bad markets during good and bad economies. 

You will be more than pleased with the level of service our experienced team delivers. We remember what it is like to live in a truck. We have lived with e-logs and dealt with impossible shippers and receivers. Over the last eight years we have built relationships with many of the best brokers. There is nothing magical about what we do, just like any aspect of your business you could do it if you can dedicate the time and resources to the job. We utilize many data sources to zero in on profitable freight. 

Many of our clients come to us before their authority is active. Starting out is hard. Many, many brokers will not work with new carriers. There are many, however, who will, and we know who they are. We have over 75 brokers who will work with you on day one and on day one we will start getting them on-board. The same is true with day 30, 90,180 and 365.


Anne Leonard

Anne was born in Bangkok Thailand and grew up mostly overseas. She was blessed to live in Washington DC, Bethesda MD, Hong Kong, Paris France and Ankara Turkey. She went to college at Loyola University in New Orleans. After school she moved to Los Angeles California and eventually to Fort Collins Colorado where she met her husband. Anne has never been afraid of hard work. Before trucking she has years of experience in business to business sales including printing services and advertising where she had unsurpassed skill in prospecting and customer service. Anne has been a team truck driver for the last 8 years and a Owner/Operator for the last 7 years. She excels at negotiation and load planning. Anne has excellent customer service skills that were a huge asset dealing with shipping clerks and warehouse workers at shippers and receivers. She has a knack for getting people onto her "team". Her compassion and business intuition are two of her greatest strengths. If you ask, however, it is her love of dogs that defines her.



Craig Leonard

Craig has extensive business experience having started and sold three successful business services companies. He was also Director of Lender Services for a division of a Fortune 250 company who had purchased his business and developed new products and web integrations for delivery to a nationwide clientele. He was also responsible for new product and sales training for a 78-person sales force. Working directly with Wall Street clients he developed an entire new product line to provide analytical and risk mitigation tools including software and SaaS web application development for multiple investment banks. In response to a bad joke he made to his wife he logically decided to become a truck driver in late 2010. He and his wife Anne trained for and received their Commercial Drivers Licenses and became team truck drivers for a large carrier. The plan was always to become owner/operators, but he had never started a business without a clear understanding of what it would take to be successful. They set a target of 2 years as company drivers and made it almost 18 months before they bought their first truck. He has over six years’ experience not only owning a trucking company but also successfully procuring loads and dispatching for team freight in the entire lower 48. Wanting to be home in Chattanooga Tennessee with their 6 grandchildren, Craig and Anne sold their truck and started Logistics ATB allowing them to leverage their expertise in negotiation and management for their clients. When asked what he does for a living Craig will always give the same response. “I build relationships”